Fluorocarbon refrigerants, specifically HCFC-22, serve as cooling agents in various applications. It also acts as a fire-fighting agent and a solvent in the production of dyes and perfumes. Additionally, it’s utilized as an extractant for substances like penicillin, essential oils, and alkaloids, as well as in soil fumigation and mildew prevention. The use extends to pharmaceuticals, API, and intermediate preparations. It finds use as a laboratory reagent and in the manufacturing of organic chemicals such as Cyclopropane and Tetrafluoroethane.


Packaging options include both drums and tanker loads for convenience.
In zinc-coated non-returnable GI Barrels, weighing 275 kg each for international exports. For the domestic market, HM-HDPE Barrels weighing 275 kg are provided. Additionally, the product can be transported in tankers and ISO tanks, ensuring flexible and efficient delivery options.

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